Caroline Wickham-Jones

Caroline Wickham-Jones is an archaeologist living and working in Orkney. She studied archaeology at the University of Edinburgh and has a Masters in Heritage Management from the University of Birmingham.

Her fieldwork career involved excavation of early stone age sites on the island of Rum and along the west coast of Scotland, after which she took up post as a lecturer for the University of Aberdeen before retiring to become an archaeological consultant. Her research focusses on the hunter-gatherers who lived in Scotland after the Ice Age, and she is also a specialist on the archaeology of Orkney. Her work has taken her around the world, from the Arctic to Tierra del Fuego. She is the author of many publications, academic and popular, including three guidebooks on the archaeology and history of Orkney. Today she is much in demand as a popular speaker and archaeological guide, and she also provides specialist advice to journalists and for television programmes. Over the years she has campaigned to improve the popularisation of archaeology. You can read more about her work at