For lovers of the great outdoors, nature and magnificent landscapes, Canada is a destination that has it all. Yes, you’ll find Niagara Falls, delicious maple syrup and ice hockey here, but there are other things about this country that make it stand out. Spread out across a total of six time zones are mountains, glaciers, beaches, a desert, and bustling cosmopolitan cities. It really offers a diverse wealth of scenery and there are plenty of amazing national parks to walk around, skiing areas to enjoy and bodies of water to have fun on. For the foodies, Canada is a prime destination, offering up an array of cuisine and, of course, its famous dish – poutine, which is a must-try for any visitor. 

Upcoming Departures


Citizens from the UK won’t require a visa for a short visit, however they will need to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorisation document ahead of travel. For U.S. citizens, visits to Canada of less than 180 days do not require visas. 


The Canadian dollar is Canada’s form of currency.

Packing advice:

The country’s large size means that it has a variable climate, so packing will depend on the part you’re going to be visiting. Winters in Canada can be bitter and summers can be hot, so be sure to check weather averages ahead of your trip. Walking shoes, a backpack for day-touring and layers are essentials, however. 


Canada is a bilingual destination, listing both English and French as its official languages.

Cultural differences:

There aren’t many differences between Canada, the UK and the USA.


In Canada, it is customary to tip between 15-20%.