Krakow market square, Poland
Krakow market square, Poland

Poland is in central Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea, Czech Republic and Slovakia, Germany, Lithuania, and Russia. Its unique location has provided it with the fortune and misfortunes that come with the interplay of states. In turn, this produces a varied and eventful history to explore.

Poland is proud of its heritage, and this is shown through its varied and well-preserved architecture, numerous museums, sumptuous galleries and imposing monuments. The perfectly preserved Gothic old town of Toruń is an example of how reverently the Polish treat their past. Gdańsk displays architecture from its Hanseatic heritage. More modern history can be discovered through the varied evidence of the 19th century industrial boom with in the city of Łódź.

There are, of course, many reminders of and destinations associated with World War II, the war that devastated Poland, Auschwitz-Birkenau being the most infamous. But there’s also the Gothic beauty of Malbork Castle, huge primordial forests to remind us where fairy tales come from, or the fascinating Wieliczka Salt Mine, suggested to be the oldest enduring in the world – this mine has been in business continuously since the 13th century. With its picturesque old towns and medieval architecture, wild forests and delightful beaches, and not forgetting its exciting city life, Poland is a country that's as captivating as it is surprising.

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UK: Not required for a stay of up to 3 months in duration.

USA: Not required for a stay of up to 90 days in duration.


Polish Zloty.

Packing advice:

Everyday dress in Poland is similar to that all over Europe and the United States. Many people wear jeans, suits, modern dresses, and modern shoes. Modest dress should be worn if visiting holy sites, which should see women covering their heads and bare shoulders.

Cultural differences:

The green light system used to cross roads is built into Polish law. Crossing before the green man lights up can get you a hefty fine if you are spotted by an officer of the law, even if the road is clear.

Poland is devoutly Catholic and religion is taken very seriously, especially by older generations. It’s normally best to avoid discussing religion, but should you become involved in a discussion just be respectful of Christianity – and especially the Catholic Church.

On the same note, drinking in public (in the streets or on a park bench) is also illegal.




In Poland, tipping is entirely at the discretion of the payee although tips in bars and restaurants are greatly appreciated. If a service charge (narzut) is not applied, a customary tip is approximately 10% of the bill but you can tip more for exceptional service. 

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