White Tower, Thessaloniki, Greece
White Tower, Thessaloniki, Greece

North Macedonia is located in the Balkan Peninsula in the south east of Europe. Formerly a state of Yugoslavia, North Macedonia gained independence in September 1991 whereby it became the Republic of Macedonia.

North Macedonia has an abundance of archaeology and is one of the most attractive destinations in the world with authentic history and culture. There are over 4,500 recorded archaeological sites including the sites of Skupi, the Skopje Kale in Skopje, Trebisnica. Other notable tours include St. Erazmo, the Ohrid Fortress, Heraclea Lyncestis and Marko’s Towers in Pelagonija, Plaosnik, the Early Christian basilica in the village of Oktisi in the Ohrid-Struga valley, and the Vinica Kale.

Many fortresses, towers and bridges date back to the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. These include the Samuil Fortress in Ohrid, the Marko’s Towers in Prilep, the Tsar’s Towers in Strumica, the Stone Bridge, the Kale and the Aqueduct in Skopje, the medieval towers and bridges in Kratovo.

North Macedonia is an archaeological treasure trove, which should not be missed.

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Macedonian denar.

How to dress:

In the summer, North Macedonia can get very hot so wear light cotton clothes, such as t-shirts, shorts, and sandals. Although, if you are planning to visit the cities and towns, you may want to bring comfortable walking shoes. Pack sunglasses, a sun visor or hat, and sunscreen for the sunnier days. In winter, the climate can be cooler and a raincoat is advisable.

Cultural differences:

Macedonia is an amalgamation of ethnic groups that, that have subtle differences but many similarities including values and preferences about topics of discussion. Family is the most important aspect of life, especially marriage and daily life. Men are the core decision-makers, dealing with any matters concerning immediate or extended family. People of North Macedonia are courteous, humble and polite.




Tipping is optional in North Macedonia. As a rule, tip and it will be well-received, but don’t feel obliged. In restaurants and bars, before deciding whether to tip, confirm if service is included in the bill. Anywhere from 5% to 10% tip is appropriate. Andante Travels will take care of gratuities to restaurant staff, local guides and drivers.