Kuang Si Waterfalls
Kuang Si Waterfalls

There is much to discover in Laos. Observe exotic animals, tour ancient temples that stud the landscape and be amazed at the nature on display here. Many parts of Laos still embrace the traditions of older rural life, and the scenic arrangement of sprawling rice fields near to stilted homes is truly memorable. There are an array of amazing temples and historic sites in this country, which range from the Plain of Jars and the stupa That Chomsi, to the temple complex of Wat Xieng Thong in Luang Prabang.

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Visa conditions change regularly for Laos. For the most up to date information, contact the nearest Lao Embassy or Consulate.


The local currency in Laos is the Kip, but the US dollar is also widely accepted.

Packing advice:

Insect repellent, sunscreen and lightweight clothing you can layer are great places to start when packing your case ahead of a trip to Laos. While it gets hot in Laos, visits to temples or religious sites will require you to dress modestly, so bear this in mind.


The Lao language is the official language of Laos. English is not widely spoken there.

Cultural differences:

Time is more of a suggestion in Laos, so consider this if you’re having to wait for a service or person. Public displays of affection aren’t really appropriate here, neither is showing strong emotions in public spaces. When visiting temples or religious sites throughout Laos, it’s important to dress conservatively and to cover up, opting for long sleeves and ankle-length bottoms.


Tipping is not expected in Laos, although it is always appreciated.